Burnt River Campfire and Off-Road Rules & Regulations:

















Obeying these rules, using some common-sense and respecting others, will help make it a safe and enjoyable facility. Thank you for abiding by our rules and have a safe and fun day at BURNT RIVER OFF-ROAD VEHICLE FACILITY.


  1. All Trailer Parks and Campgrounds are required to obtain a special fire permit. (Burnt River has obtain permit)


  1. “Contaminant” shall mean any solid, liquid gas, odor, heat, sound, vibration, radiation or combination of any of them resulting directly or indirectly from human activities that may cause an adverse effect.


3.   Adverse Effect” shall mean one or more of:

a)    Impairment of the quality of the natural environment for any use that can be made of it;

b)    Injury or damage to property or plant or animal life;

c)    Harm or material discomfort to any person;

d)    An adverse effect on the health of any person or the impairment of the safety of any person;

e)    Rending any property or plant or animal life unfit for the use of mankind;

f)     Loss of enjoyment for the normal use of property;

g)    Interference with the normal conduct of business; and

h)   Obstruction of a traveled part of any public or private driveway or roadway.


4.    No person shall discharge a contaminant or cause or permit the discharge of a contaminant into the natural environment that causes or is likely to cause an adverse effect.


5.    No camp fire shall be left unattended and shall be supervised at all tomes by an adult person until has been fully extinguished.


6.    No person shall set a camp fire in the close proximity to any buildings, fences, trees, brush piles or other structures or combustible materials that could be ignited by sparks or heat radiating from the said fire.


7.    All person setting a camp fire must assume full responsibility for the fire control, and shall:

 a)    Be responsible for any damage to property or injury to persons occasioned by said fire;

b)    Be liable for the cost incurred by the fire department including personnel, equipment and apparatus necessary and called to extinguish said fire, and shall reimburse the Fire Department upon demand for such costs;

 c)    Assume full responsibility for conducting the controlled burning in accordance with the safety measures required by the Police and Fire Services as well as the Ministry of Natural resources the “Environmental Protection Act” and/or other regulatory bodies having jurisdiction; and,

d)    Attend the fire at all times or ensure that it is attended by an adult person.


8.    All camp fires must be completely extinguished before leaving the scene and no camp fires may be left burning overnight.


9.    Every person who starts or causes to be started, a camp fire shall:


a)    Take all responsible steps to keep the fire under control;

b)    Ensure that a responsible person tends the fire; and,

c)    Extinguish the fire before leaving the site of the fire.


10. This Fire Permit may be cancelled or suspended at any time by the “Fire Chief”, a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer”, or “Ministry of the Environment Official” or their designates.


11. Any person who does not comply with the conditions of this permit is subject to prosecution under the Ontario Fire Code and/or Bylaw 2005-313(CofKL) as amended.


12. For additional information contact City of Kawartha  Lakes 705-324-9411, refer to amended By-law 2005-313.




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